Alexander Technique Canada
The Canadian Society of The Alexander Technique

Professional Standards

Learn with a Certified Professional

In Canada, Alexander Technique teachers are certified by the Canadian Society of Teachers of the F. M. Alexander Technique (CANSTAT).  This means your teacher fulfills the requirements for Canadian teacher certification as specified in CANSTAT bylaw: This includes completion of 1,600 hours of training over a minimum of three years at an CANSTAT approved teacher training course, and meeting the standards of Alexander Technique teachers at an international level (ATAS). 

CANSTAT certified teachers also adhere to an established Code of Conduct.  Please feel free to ask any teacher about his or her training; It's important that you learn the Alexander Technique with someone who has proper accreditation.  Look for the CANSTAT logo in any advertising you see for an Alexander teacher or school in Canada. If you don't see the trademark, please check the CANSTAT teacher directory to make sure your teacher meets the highest standards for you.